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Your Puppy Is Never with an Unfamiliar Face

No hidden fees. No additional fees. No consultation fees. One flat rate per mile. 

Courier services are based on a flat fee of $0.60 per mile from our kennel, to your home, and back.

This flat rate per mile is all inclusive and covers:

  • driver's time 

  • gas

  • vehicle wear / tear

  • private door-to-door transportation

  • direct delivery from our home to yours (the puppy is never with an unfamiliar face)

  • transportation in heated/ air conditioned vehicle

  • communication from us throughout the trip

  • comfort stops, walks, and potty breaks along the way (every 2-4 hours, unless more frequently required)

  • overnight stays in pet-friendly hotels as needed

  • medication administration as required

  • feeding

  • adhering to your pet's schedule at our home

  • Transitional object(s) (Blanket, toy, etc.) to make the transfer from our care to yours that much simpler.

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